Paternity, Fathers' Rights And Protecting Your Parent-Child Relationship

In Missouri, as in other states, a significant number of children are born to unmarried parents. When a married couple has a baby, there is little question as to the identity of the father. However, when an unwed couple has a child, the father's identity may need to be verified before the presumed father can assert custody rights.

A Presumed Father Can Be Held Accountable For Child Support

At Garner Law Firm, LLC, attorney Curtis M. Garner works with parents in Springfield and southwest Missouri when resolving paternity, child custody and other family law matters. Mr. Garner stresses the importance of education while helping parents or presumed parents understand and assert their parental rights. By establishing paternity and a parenting plan early on, parents will have a foundation for protecting themselves and their children in the future.

Just because you are presumed to be the parent of a child, that does not give you parental rights or any legal authority in the child's upbringing. However, you can be required by the Division of Child Support Enforcement to pay child support.

Mr. Garner works with parents on both sides of these issues. The most common types of paternity cases involve:

  • Parents looking to establish paternity
  • Parents who have been denied a relationship with their children
  • Men who are alleged to be the father, but who deny any biological relationship with the child

A simple paternity test is the easiest way to resolve many of these issues. A DNA swab from the alleged father and the child is all that is needed. Regardless of whether you are a parent looking to build a more meaningful relationship with your children or a parent pursuing financial assistance to help with your child's upbringing, it's important to work with a lawyer who can help you understand Missouri's paternity and child custody laws, your rights and how to protect the future well-being of your children. Mr. Garner will work one-on-one with you and make himself available when you have questions or concerns.

Clear, Honest Representation Dedicated To Missouri Families

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